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Coming Soon: After years of requests, Dan Pontefract is finally releasing his much anticipated online learning program devoted specifically to leadership. Aligned directly to his latest book, LEAD. CARE. WIN. How to Become a Leader Who Matters, the program is made up of 9 unique lessons, each one packed with 30 minutes of core content (videos, exercises, assessments, and activities) as well as more than 60 minutes of bonus content. The entire program consists of more than 15 hours of leadership development know-how. If you’re interested, sign up below to be put on the waiting list.

Purchase Lessons Individually
Lesson #1: Be Relatable

Be real. Open up. Empathize. Respect others. Show your underbelly.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #2: Play for Meaning

There is more to leadership than climbing the corporate ladder.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #3: Stay Present

You can’t manage time; you can only change your present behaviour.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #4: Remain Curious

To be curious and more engaged is to become a lifelong learner.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #5: Embrace Change

Change is a constant; your capacity to adapt is what matters.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #6: Dare to Share

Learning how to impart and request information is a leader’s secret weapon.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #7: Command Clarity

Leaders who blindly follow are inferior to those who clearly deliver strategy.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #8: Commit to Balance

Operate from a position of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

$29 / CAD
Lesson #9: Champion Others

Your self-worth as a leader is predicated in your humility and humbleness.

$29 / CAD