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  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Purpose of Self and Role
  • Organizational Culture & Purpose
  • Employee Engagement
  • Open Thinking
  • Pervasive Learning
  • Collaborative Technologies


  • Leadership Conferences
  • HR / People & Culture / CHRO
  • IT / Technology / CIO
  • C-Suite / Boards
  • Learning / CLO
  • High Potential / High Performer
  • Offsites & Meetings

Upcoming Public Events

  • Salesforce Basecamp (Sep 1 – Stockholm Virtual)
  • ATD Core4 (Nov 5 – Nashville)
  • Degreed Lens (Mar 21 – Los Angeles)
  • Private events are unlisted


Dan is asked to deliver roughly 50 keynotes every year based on his books, research, and 25 years of experience. Every talk is tailored to the audience, ranging from 15 to 90 minutes. (And yes, virtual keynotes are one of his specialties.)

He has delivered his unique presentation style of humour, metaphors, stories and wicked graphics to audiences in Europe, USA, Australia and of course his home country of Canada.



Real Leadership: How a Genuine Leader Delivers Better Results

Purpose Fuels People: Why a Meaningful Role & Purpose-Driven Organization Matters

Have You Checked for Frowns? The Critical Importance of Engaged Employees

Dream, Decide, Do, Repeat: We are Losing the Ability to Think and What to Do About it.


Dan is deeply honoured to have been asked to deliver four different TEDx Talks. Each of them has targeted a specific audience, yet in totality, they tell a story about Dan’s passion: helping people reach their full potential. You can watch each of them below.


Long before the pandemic, Dan was delivering webinars to audiences across the world by the thousands. His unique take on the topics of leadership, corporate culture, purpose and thinking are always practical yet thought-provoking.

Dan believes that webinars should be interactive where the audience participates in aspects such as surveys, polling, quizzes and Q&A. Every webinar is customized for the client.

  • 60-minute webinars and webcasts are an easy, economical way in which to deliver various leadership and engagement topics to your organization or team
  • Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes of content and 10-15 minutes of open Q&A
  • ZOOM is used for all sessions, an easy to install app or extension. (Zoom can also be used over a web browser.) Laptops, PCs or devices require sound.
  • NOTE: webinars and webcasts are only delivered by Dan, not with any Pontefract Group associates or consultants


Inc. named him one of the top 100 leadership speakers.

Download Dan’s Speaker Overview document in PDF format that outlines what to expect, and why you would use him at your event.


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What others are saying

Dan is a conference organizer’s ideal speaker. Not only did he inspire and energize our group, but he also masterfully adapted his content so it resonated with the audience and our conference theme. As a bonus, Dan is able to nimbly navigate to adjust to a reduced time slot when other speakers went over time without sacrificing the impact of his session.

Director and General Counsel